Herbal Foot Bath

Herbal Foot Bath

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This herbal foot bath is perfect for relaxing, slowing down, unwinding, and taking a moment to nourish yourself.  

Relieve Muscle Aches, 

Draw Out Toxins

Soften Dry Feet


  • Rose Petals – Help with soothing grief, and makes for energetic heart medicine.
  • Chamomile – For easing tension and nervousness.
  • Calendula – Known to soothe the skin & bring vibrancy to dry skin.
  • Lavender – For calming & aromatherapeutic properties.
  • Lemon Balm – For its light and bright aromatherapeutic qualities.
  • Rosemary – Helps the body’s occasional aches and pains melt away.
  • Sage Leaf – Energy and mood cleansing.
  • Thyme – Known for its magical cleansing & healing properties.
  • Yarrow – Is known to soothe irritated skin.